Monday, March 24, 2014

The Weekly Wardrobe: March 24

Sweater | Jeans | Scarf (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Watch | Bracelet
Shirt | Pants | Scarf (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Watch
Bracelet | Bracelet 
Dress | Sweater | Vest (similar) | Pouf Pin | Necklace (similar) | Watch
Shirt | Pants | Shoes (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Watch | Bracelet
Sweater (similar) | Pants | Scarf (similar) | Shoes (similar)
Watch (similar) | Bracelet
Shirt (similar) | Sweater (similar) | Pants (similar) | Necklace | Shoes (similar)
Watch | Bracelets
Dress (similar) | Vest (similar) | Scarf (similar) | Shoes (similar)
Watch | Bracelet | Bracelet
Happy Monday, fashionistas! Today begins my last week in Internal Medicine. I am so sad to be leaving this practice...the hours were crazy long, but the people who I'm working with truly make it worth it. My exam for IM is on Thursday, and my Graduate School Exit Exam is Friday. I start surgery next Monday, so daily outfits will be on hiatus for a while.

Adam and I started Financial Peace University last week, and we have already learned a lot! This is the verse that is really resonating with me right now:
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." -Matthew 6:21
I sometime struggle with the preconceived conceptions and stereotypes that come with blogging. While I love textiles, prints and all things fashion, my real love is for Christ and the blessings and grace that He bestows upon me on a daily basis. For the God-fearing fashionistas out there, do you think it is possible to glorify Him in the midst of loving material possessions and fashion? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Thanks for reading, and have a great start to your week!


  1. Let me know how you like your financial course. I am so interested to hear a review! I love those Old Navy pixie pants but I am not sure I am keeping mine. The fabric seems a bit weird and they are a bit tight. What is your thinking on them? I love the colors!! Happy Monday! Susan

  2. I have been battling this thought lately, "do you think it is possible to glorify Him in the midst of loving material possessions and fashion?" I think that the secular world becomes a distraction and you do find yourself obsessing over the material items which in turn causes jealousy, greed etc. the thought of having more shoes, clothes etc. Can really make it fuzzy. I need to pray daily for the impulse to not shop when I see or read blogs on the latest new item. Let me know what you think. I love the Lord and know this is something I need to work on for me personally, less is more.

    1. Thank you for sharing your struggle and truth! It's hard to convey via blog posts where my heart and priority lie, and that clothing and personal style is just a hobby. I will be praying for you as well! xo, Steph


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