Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekly Wardrobe: February 24

Top (similar) | Pants (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Necklace 
Top (similar) | Vest | Skirt (similar) | Shoes (similar)
Pearls | Gold Chain
Confession: I have only dried my hair twice this month! I find
that the bun is the perfect place to stash my pens
since I am not wearing  my coat during this rotation :)
Sweater | Vest (similar) | Jeans | Necklace | Shoes (similar)
Shirt (similar) | Jacket (similar) | Scarf (similar) | Jeans | Shoes
Happy Monday, fashionistas! This week, I had the Blog Baton on Wednesday! It is a super cool idea started by Mason...each day, a new blogger takes over the Instagram account and posts snapshots of their day. It is a fun way to "meet" other bloggers and see what their daily lives look like! My day was spent seeing patients, charting a TON, a delicious drug rep sponsored dinner at The Melting Pot, and snuggles from a sweet pup!

Yesterday's message at church really spoke to me, and reminded me of something that I struggle with. The series is titled "Hustled" (listen to the message here), and addresses the misconception that our money is our own, instead of it being God's money that we are given to manage responsibly. As I said in this post, I sometimes struggle with sticking to my budget and telling myself "no" when it comes to shopping. I have been doing better since the first of the year, but I still pray for strength and work on this daily. Adam and I have decided to take Financial Peace classes starting in March...I am excited to start our lives together on a financially responsible note! Here are some verses that I am praying about this week:

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:21

"Like a city whose walls are broken through, so is a person who lacks self-control." - Proverbs 25:28

This is exam week, and then I have some fun weekend plans to look forward to! Thanks for your continued love, prayers and sweet comments. I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

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