Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Geek Chic in GlassesUSA

Photo Credit | Shelby of Glitter & Gingham

Shirt | Tank | Leggings | Vest (similar) | Scarf
Watch | Bracelets: eBay, Crave Boutique | Shoes (similar) | Bag (similar)

When I was in third grade, I started to fail my math tests because I couldn't see the problems that were written on the board. My mom knew something was wrong, because I was her math-and-science-loving child! She took me to the eye doctor, I got my first pair of glasses, and didn't stop talking the entire way home..."MOM! The trees have LEAVES!...MOM! I can read our street sign!!..." :)

In middle school and high school, glasses weren't exactly "cool". I was never teased for wearing them, but they weren't a "must have" accessory, either. Every year or two, I would get a new pair and wince as I (or my parents) had to spend a few hundred dollars on new frames and lenses. But wince no more, my friends! I present to you one of the easiest, most stress-free ways of finding budget-friendly specs: GlassesUSA!

This site has hundreds of styles to choose from, and most of them are under $100. I chose the U 40 Tortoise because I had wanted to try a bigger, trendier frame and I LOVE them!! The site is easy to use and navigate, the customer service is great, and they even have a virtual mirror feature where you can "try on" the frames using a picture that you take of yourself on your webcam! If you are in need of new specs, be sure to check out GlassesUSA, and use code "BLOG10" for 10% off of your order. Check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for more exclusive discounts!

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Disclaimer: I was gifted the glasses mentioned above by GlassesUSA. All opinions and photos are my own.


  1. So cute!! I'll have to check out that site - I just purchased a pair from Zenni and I love them.

    xo, Nina

  2. Great idea! I just purchased a pair from David Kind, but a girl can never have too many glasses! And your skin looks amazing! susan

  3. So cute--great glasses! I am blind as a bat haha so I am always looking for fantastic pair. I also love the pop of pink in the shoes and that great scarf :)


  4. So cute! Love the glasses! I'm itching for a new pair...I have to check out GlassesUSA. Maybe get two pairs because they're so affordable :)

    XO Nicole
    a dash of gold

  5. So Adorable!Thanks for sharing such a nice pics..
    Virtual Assistant


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