Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Four Favorites: PA Student Essentials

Four Favorites
Dress | Lippies | iPad Cover | Straws

Today, I am thrilled to be linking up with Ashlyn of Let it Be Beautiful and Kristin of Fancy Things Blog to show you my four favorite things right now! Every Wednesday, these ladies showcase their four favorite items of the week, centered around a preset theme. This week the theme is "random", and that could not be more fitting for where my life is right now...

As you read on Monday, I am working long hours on my current rotation in Internal Medicine. My essentials are these four things:

This layers well with popovers and button downs, sweaters, 
scarves, and statement necklaces, leggings and boots. 
My favorite canvas for easy outfits!

OBSESSED. They have the texture of a chapstick and 
the pigment of a lipstick! There are an essential during 
long days. My favorite shades are #luvu and #sweettweet.

My iPad is my sidekick. I use it to look up medications and
dosages, study during my downtime, and maybe peruse a little
social media at lunch :) the cover adds a colorful punch!

4: DIET COKE. And polka dot straws!
My poison of choice is Diet Coke. I usually accessorize it
with a koozie and polka dot straw...(a) so I can identify my drink
and (b) who doesn't love a polka dot straw?!

What are you loving right now? What items can you not live without? Thanks for reading, and please be sure to check out my cohosts Ashlyn and Kristin!



  1. I am obsessed with lip balms and I am always on the look out for new lip products. I just put these on my list! Thanks! Susan

  2. After all this time, I still own nothing in chambray. I need to change that ASAP. I'm with you on Diet Coke and I also wouldn't survive without my iPad. What can I say..Micromedex is a lifesaver!

  3. I'm a diet coke addict! It gets me through the day! Haha!! Love that chambray dress! :)

  4. I think our whole department has a diet coke problem! ;) Thanks for sharing and I am definitely going to look to try out that chapstick! Also, thanks for the link up-- I'm excited to join in the future!


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