Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Word of the Year: BALANCE

Ok, so I am way behind the ball on this one. I know it is already halfway through the first month of 2014 (deep breath), but that is all part of accepting this year's mantra: BALANCE. I've never really been a person who makes - or keeps, for that matter - a New Year's resolution. I draw inspiration from where I am at in any present moment...for example, if I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious, I usually turn to quiet prayer time or talking with a friend. If my jeans are getting a little snug, I make a mental note to choose healthier snacks and make exercise a more regular part of my routine.
I that a few of my friends were choosing "words" to base their year around, and I love this idea! I get energized when I see an inspiring piece of scripture, a loopy calligraphied quote, or get a certain word rolling over and over in my brain. So that being said, here why this word means so much to me...
B: Budget
This is an area I really need/want improve on. All of my living expenses come from student loans, which mean that I will literally be paying for every decision that I make during my time in PA school - WITH INTEREST - for at least a few years after graduation. My goal is to manage what I have better, and to be more content in the THINGS that I already have. I love to shop, and probably always will, but I have not been responsible in the past few years. I want to do better for myself, for my future, and for the relationships that are most important to me!
A: Activity
My goal is to stay on a consistent fitness schedule. So far, I've been doing well, and I hope that starting off 2014 on the right foot will set the pace for this year and beyond. AND I cancelled my gym membership (see B for Budget :)), so I want to hear what you ladies are doing to stay motived in your at-home gyms!!
L: Love and Learning
I want to really enjoy this period of my life where I am engaged!! I am learning new things about Adam every day, and I hope that never ends. In a different area of my life, I have the unique experience to get to live the PA life and LEARN every. single. day. What an incredible blessing, and I don't want to take that for granted.
A: Academics
This is the year I am officially done with school. WHAT?! I have been in school non-stop since I was four years old. TWENTY ONE YEARS OF SCHOOL PEOPLE. Sheesh. Some of you might think "What an accomplishment!", whereas I pretty much think "I can't wait to be done! Oy vey the debt!!" ;) Anyways, I graduate in June and will probably be taking my boards in July. I want to make these last few months of PA school count. I want to push myself to really put my best effort in! There is a light (a very bright light!!) at the end of this tunnel...
N: Networking
Some of my blog goals for this year is to make some new friendships and connections! I am so blessed by what White Coat Wardrobe has brought to my life in the past few months, and I'm excited to see what 2014 has to offer. I'd love to meet and work with other bloggers who are going to challenge me and teach me new things. I hope to be more consistent in scheduling quality posts, as well!
At this point in the post, if you are still reading, I hope you know that this component is by no means second-to-last on my priority list. This is just where it fits in the clever acronym. And as a medically-minded woman, I love acronyms!! I want to spend consistent time with Christ DAILY. I am already doing this, but it's not as regimented, and I am probably not being as quiet in heart and mind as I need to be. He is the reason for everything that I am doing, and I need to take more time to be still and make sure that my life is being lived with purpose!
E: Eating
To make it short and sweet, I want to do a better job of meal planning and clean eating!
If you made it through this entire novel, thanks for sticking with me! Thank you for your support, love, prayers and friendship. I am overwhelmed with what a beautiful life He has granted me, and I plan to make 2014 a year where I show my gratitude a little bit better. Happy 2014, fashionistas!!



  1. I'm need to be better about spending money this year too. I find that I get so caught up in the blog world that I loose sight of what's important.


  2. Love this list! So many good things all in one place. I like calling them goals instead of resolutions because then I feel like I'm working toward something. I also can't believe you graduate this year - I am SO jealous! Two more for this girl.

  3. Such a great word and I love how you broke it down to fit your goals. Balance is such an important goal in all areas of life! Thanks for the reminder!


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