Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Today, I want to introduce you to a GENIUS concept: Scrubscriptions!! As anyone who is a Physician Assistant, physician, nurse, or medical professional can attest: our jobs, while rewarding, can be stressful and chaotic at times. This company has come up with a way to treat those of us in the health care professions to a monthly pamper session! Each month, Scrubscriptions sends you a box with fresh scrubs (you specify the size and color), an uplifting note, and several "pampering essentials". You can choose between "Relax and Unwind", which includes 2 essentials, and "Pamper", which includes 4 essentials. These essentials can be anything from funky socks, hairties, lotion, santizer or pumice stones.

I received the Earth Therapeutics Peace Potion and Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer in Carribean Escape, along with a new set of seafoam green scrubs! This lotion is THE BOMB DOT COM!! smells amazing, and it now offers a moment of relaxation and balance among a day of abrasive hand-washing, glove-wearing, and paper cuts. I keep it in my bag and find myself reaching for it often. Tiny hand sanitizers are always within arm's reach, and this scent from Bath & Body Works is amazing!

This concept is totally brilliant, in my opinion! Check out the Scrubscriptions site and keep them in mind for all of the health care professionals in your life! Christmas is just around the corner ;) Thank you to the Scrubscriptions team for sending me this box of goodies!

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  1. I have not heard of this! I am a nurse and this would be fabulous! The only bad thing is that I don't get to wear my scrubs of choice, I have to wear a red top and block bottoms with the hospitals logo on them. Not sure it would be worth it for me :( But this is a genius idea!! Glad you shared!

  2. Oh my! This is like the Burch Box concept! What a great idea. I'm about to start nursing school and have worked in a doctor's office before. Those tennis shoe on every day sure can beat up a girl's feet! I can deff see how this comes in handy. And what feels better than a new pair of scrubs! Lol. I'll have to remember this!

    Erin Leigh

  3. What a great idea! My sister is a nurse in the NICU, and she would love something like this. I know what I'm getting her for Christmas...


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